What are the decoration plates commonly used in the market today?

What do you need to know about the decoration plate ? Plates can be roughly classified into 9 types: density boards, particle board, veneer, wood boards, plywood, melamine boards, glulam, ouson boards, and formaldehyde-free straw boards. However, due to the different requirements of households, boards commonly used in the market are currently available. Mainly wood panels, glulam (finger plates), and a small amount of melamine panels, veneer (moulded panels), MDF, particleboard, veneer and plywood, home decoration can be purchased according to different uses of different types of plates. Following me to understand the relevant knowledge of the decoration plate under it!

What are the decoration plates?

1, solid wood board

As the name suggests, solid wood panels are wood panels made from intact wood. These boards are durable and natural in texture and are the best of the best. However, due to the high cost of this plate, and the high construction process requirements, it is not used in China. Solid wood panels are generally categorized according to the physical name of the panel and do not have the same dimensional specifications. At present, besides the use of solid wood panels for floors and doors, the panels we use are generally artificially processed panels.

2, plywood plate

Plywood, also known as plywood, commonly known as fine core board. It is made by hot pressing three or more layers of one-millimeter thick veneer or sheet glue. It is the most commonly used material for hand-made furniture. The splint is generally divided into three kinds of specifications: 3 PCT, 5 PCT, 9 PCT, 12 PCT, 15 PCT, and 18 PCT. Panels, commonly known as veneer panels. The solid wood board is precision-sliced ​​into thin and thin veneer with a thickness of about 0.2 mm, and a sheet with a single-sided effect is formed by a sticking process using a cleat as a base material. It is a special way of plywood, with a thickness of 3%.

3、Blockboard plate

Blockboard, commonly known as. It is composed of two veneers that are laminated together by pressure. The price is cheaper than the fine core board, its vertical bending strength is poor, but the lateral bending strength is high.

4, particle board plate

Particleboard is a thin plate made of wood scraps as the main raw material, then infiltrated with glue and additives are pressed. According to the pressing method, it can be divided into two types: extruded particle board and flat pressed particle board. The main advantage of this kind of sheet is that the price is extremely cheap. The disadvantages are also very significant: the intensity is extremely poor. Generally not suitable for the production of larger or mechanical requirements of furniture.

5, density plate

MDF, also known as fiberboard. The artificial board made of urea-formaldehyde resin or other compatible adhesives based on wood fiber or other plant fibers is classified into high-density board, medium-density board and low-density board depending on the density. MDF is also easily reprocessed due to its soft and impact resistance. In foreign countries, MDF is a good material for making furniture, but because the national scale on the height of the plate is several times lower than the international scale, the quality of the use of MDF in China is still to be improved.

6, fire board plate

Fire board is made of silicon material or calcium material as the main raw material, and a certain proportion of fiber materials, lightweight aggregates, adhesives and chemical additives mixed, made by autoclave technology. It is a new type of material that is being used more and more. Its use is not only due to fire protection. The construction of the fire board is required for glue sticking, and the fire board with better quality is also more expensive than the panel. Fire board thickness is generally 0.8mm, 1mm and 1.2mm.


7, melamine plate

Melamine board, the full name is melamine impregnated film coated wood-based panels, is a wall material. The manufacturing process consists of immersing papers with different colors or textures into melamine resin adhesives, drying them to a certain degree of curing, and laying them on the surface of chipboard, medium density fiberboard or hardboard, and hot pressing them. board.

8, Aggrek plate

Aggrek sheet is a specially processed plexiglass, which has the reputation of "plastic queen". It has a good color and high transparency. Its advantages are excellent weather resistance, good transparency and good plasticity. Disadvantages are low hardness, poor heat resistance, and low elongation. Therefore, they are easily cracked, brittle, easily deformed, and unstable in color, and are prone to fluffing during use. In addition, it also contains substances that are harmful to the human body.

Ten brands of decoration plates

1. Hong Kong Xuebao Plate (first child room special board, top ten brands of Chinese famous brand Chinese blockboard, top ten brands of Chinese blockboard, consumer rest assured products, ten brands of healthy environmental protection sheet, Hong Kong International Group Co., Ltd.) After years of development and change, Hong Kong Xuebao International Group Co., Ltd. has formed a cover: Blockboard, toothed plates, decorative panels, plywood, plasterboard, white latex, adhesive, wood, hardware, Boeing film In a variety of different styles such as eleven categories, a unique brand product system was formed. The company will always uphold and adhere to the concept of rich product style system, wide price coverage, and high cost performance.

2. Bunny (China Top Brand Products, Top Ten Brands of China Blockboard, Top 10 Plate Brands, Zhejiang Famous Brand, Dehua Group) Dehua Bunny Decoration New Material Co., Ltd. Mascot Dehua Bunny Decoration New Materials Limited Founded in 1993, the company is the national-level key high-tech enterprise with the largest sales volume and the most complete variety in the domestic decorative laminate industry. It is also the first listed company in China's decorative plywood industry.

3. Vide Group (Hong Kong) Plate's top ten brands - the world's largest plate manufacturer. The Vide Group was founded in Hong Kong by Chinese entrepreneur Zhuang Qicheng in the early 1960s and has now become a world-renowned transnational company. The company's business scope involves the headquarter of the Wade Group headquartered in the heart of Hong Kong's Central Business District, Wade Plaza and real estate, shipping, international trade, manufacturing and other fields. Vide Wood has a global reputation. Its plywood and timber products are sold to the United States, Canada, Europe, China, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, and the Middle East.

4. Weiye (Guangdong Famous Brand, a large-scale enterprise specializing in the production of environmentally friendly plywood wood products, the top ten brands of plates, Guangzhou Weizheng Wood Products Co., Ltd.) Guangzhou Weizheng Wood Products Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, is a professional production of "Weiye brand". Green plywood large wood products company. The company has always been committed to improving the living environment of human beings and creating an overall harmonious home and tree industry standard, and has achieved brilliant results.

5. Millennium Boat (China Well-known Trademark, Hangzhou Famous Trademark, Zhejiang Famous Brand, Top 10 Plate Brands, Millennium Boat Group Huahai Wood Industry Co., Ltd.) Since 1999, the company has successively been in Hangzhou, Jiashan, Linyi, Shandong, Luocheng, Guangxi, and Guangxi. Established factories in Rong'an and Yunnan Shizong and other raw material distribution centers, and established three logistics bases around Lianyungang, Shanghai Port, and Beihai Port, and imported high-quality wood from countries such as the United States, Brazil, Indonesia, Cameroon, Russia, and other world-renowned log producers to form a global Raw material supply network.


6, Dongting plate (China Top Brand Products, Blockboard Top 10 Brands, Jiangsu Famous Brand, Top 10 Plate Brands, Dongting Wood Co., Ltd.)

7. Jinqiu JINQIU (Taiwan Famous Brand, Top Ten Plate Brands, China Famous Panel Production and Sales Enterprise, Hebei Jinqiu Wood Industry Co., Ltd.)

8, Fuxiang FUXIANG (China Top Brand, China Environmental Labeling Product Certification, Hunan Fuxiang Wood Industry Co., Ltd.)

9, Huang Mao (Shandong Province famous brand, specializing in the production of blockboard companies, health and environmental protection sheet ten brands, Jinan Yellow Cat Wood Co., Ltd.)

10. Dongting (the famous brand of Hunan Province, the top ten brands of blockboard, the ten brands of healthy environmental protection sheet, and Dongting Wood Industry Co., Ltd.)

Editor's summary: The purchase of a decoration plate is a relatively complicated process. It is not difficult for a professional to distinguish between good and bad. In addition to the wide variety of plate materials, it is still very beneficial to charge as much as possible before purchasing a plate, in addition to knowing more about plates. Knowledge, considering its material, craftsmanship, performance, and effects, but also consider their own special needs, such as their own interests, floors, etc., should also choose the reputable businesses in the formal plate market when purchasing, and ask for invoices, so as to maintain Good own legal rights.

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