What is the key to high-yield management of papaya?

Papaya high-yield management is very important. Today, I will share with you the key to high-yield management of papaya.

1. Fertilizer management. Most of the papaya garden base fertilizers should be applied in the autumn, and the trees should be applied in time for pre-flowering, post-flowering, and fruit-expanding fertilizers. Before the flowering, the special fertilizer for fruit trees is combined to prevent pests and diseases from spraying 0.2% urea + new high-fat film, and the fruit is swollen. The application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. After fertilization, fill the water once, pay attention to water control during flowering.

2. Flower and fruit management. Papaya self-pollination has a high seed setting rate, easy fruit setting, bee or artificial pollination during flowering, which can increase the fruit setting rate. Papaya fruit has self-sparing phenomenon, and the fruit with poor pollination will fall off automatically. Therefore, only fruit and deformed fruit can be scattered after fruiting in early May every year.

3. Shaping and trimming. After the grafting of the papaya tree, the middle dry is relatively erect, and after a little trimming, it can be formed into a cup shape, a cylindrical shape or a slender spindle shape, which is mainly composed of a slender spindle shape. The main branch should be gently released to promote the middle and short branches. Pruning is mainly for sparseness. In the growing season, attention should be paid to the removal of the middle-strength competition branches, the vertical branches of the crown, the dense branches, the thin branches, and the diseased branches. At the same time, the branching part can leave 1~2 buds and short cuts to promote branching. The result of aging should be retracted and updated in time. For the tree after pruning, it is necessary to spray the tree general to disinfect and sterilize in time to reduce the growth of bacteria.

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