What is the price of the Philips hair dryer?

Philips hair dryer is one of the products of Philips' personal care and protection brand. Based on the strong foundation of Philips' powerful household electrical appliances and Philips' global resources, Philips hair dryer is the first choice for home hair dryer. Philips hair dryers create the perfect family choice for an innovative lifestyle. So, Philips hairdryers price is how much? Here go good home network Xiaobian for you to explain.


How about Philips hair dryer?

Philips hair dryer, time to witness the excellence of the brand. In 1962, the first hair dryer, Philips inherits 50 years of professional protection quality. For 50 years, Philips has been committed to various top innovations. In 1981, Philips created the first foldable hair dryer, and in the 1990s created ceramic and steam technology. Since 2001, the first-class sales of similar products in the Chinese market has become the first choice for consumers.

Philips hair dryer, as a product of beauty appliances, the users are still home users. The world's first intelligent sensor-controlled hair dryer is all about Philips' innovative life. Just as Philips Smart Home advocates the most comfortable life, its first ActiveCare intelligent sensor-controlled hair dryer senses warmth and health. For hair, Philips has its own definition. Regardless of the hair dryer design, keep a distance of 10cm to achieve the perfect blow drying effect without avoiding heat. Creativity has always been a strength of Philips, and Philips has created a product of hair dryer and hair straightener, which is not only professional but also perfectly transformed. Philips hair dryer is divided into intelligent sensor hair dryer, Yingliang care hair dryer, care series hair dryer several large series.

Philips hair dryer price

2100W professional-grade thermostat hair dryer high power HP8230 ¥178.00

1600 watt constant temperature household protection power generation hair dryer high power HP8200 ¥169.00

Household hair dryer HP8110 2 speed wind speed small portable ¥ 98.00

Household hair dryer HP8110 2 speed wind speed small portable ¥ 76.00

Folding handle 1400W household hair dryer HP8116Â¥119.00

Yingliang negative ion household hair dryer high power HP8211 ¥169.00

2200W negative ion constant temperature hair dryer HP8235 ¥449.00

High power hair dryer straight hair device HP8294 ¥349.00

After reading the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the price of Philips hair dryer, more relevant information, go Jiaju.com will edit the report for you, so stay tuned.

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