What is the style and characteristics of the three-bedroom and two-bedroom decoration?

The three-bedroom and two-bedroom Chinese-style decoration is a large-sized structure and a common pattern. According to people's different preferences, the choice of three-bedroom and two-bedroom house decoration styles. The simplicity and modernity of the modern, the closeness of the countryside, the elegance of the Chinese style, the luxury of the Nordic, the uniqueness of the American style, etc., the different styles of decoration will bring people different feelings. Then follow the decoration home network Xiaobian to learn about the relevant content!


1, modern style. Not superfluous, not artificial, not beautiful, simple black and white gray outlines the bright and empty home life, making people's impetuous heart indifferent and calm. The black and white ash decoration art charm is directly in the depths of the soul, and the simplicity of the construction is quiet, so that the heart that rises and falls in the bustling city can rest here. Perhaps only in such a simple environment can we maintain our inner air and calm. From the wisdom of simplicity to simplicity, how much can we meditation?

2, rural style. Close to nature, poetic life, in the construction of icy concrete structures, you can still feel the vitality and kindness from distant nature. The decoration of the walls and the decorations on the table all reveal a rich pastoral atmosphere. Relaxed, at ease, unrestrained, emptying the mind, listening to the beautiful melody from nature, so that the nervous and tired mind can be relieved.

3. Chinese style. A kind of sentiment, a taste, an elegant and classical charm, is the accumulation and precipitation of culture, and also the refined temperament of the ink and ink. Chinese style is magnificent, magnificent and luxurious, high space, deep and deep, magnificent, symmetrical in style, contrasting in color, decorative materials are mainly wood, finely crafted and magnificent, and it is the ingenious operation of wisdom and skill. The wisdom of the civilization of the year.


4, Nordic style. White, brown, gold and silver are the main colors. The elements of arches, columns, fireplaces, wallpapers, carpets, lamps, murals, western paintings and plaster lines create the luxury and extravagance of life. A kind of gentleman's temperament, courteous, meticulous and standard, decorative and elegant everywhere reveals an elegant and noble atmosphere.

5, American style. Simple, practical and quality, it is romantic, nostalgic, simple, casual and inclusive. Unrestrained, free and innocent, indulge in it, you just want to put aside the secular tie, throw away the intricate ideas in your mind, just want to be a simple and real person, restore your own self.

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