Wooden doors: door materials, door types and color selection techniques

Doors, door types and colors, choose the skills of wooden doors to know

The purchase and decoration of the new home decoration door is one of the most important links. The wooden door is the first choice for many families because of its variety and safety and environmental protection, and its practical and versatile appearance. So how do you choose a wooden door that suits your home? Next, Xiaobian will introduce the purchasing skills of the wooden door from the three aspects of door material, door type and color.

The first step - door material purchase

1, style: the inner door is the face of the entire home environment, consistent with the entire home design style is the basis for the selection of the inner door;

2. Door core board: In the solid wood mesh keel, filled corrugated paper, frame filled poly foam, bridge hole mechanical board, etc., the comprehensive ability of the bridge mechanics board is the best;

3, door panels and door pockets: Some consumers think that the thicker the better, in fact, wrong. The solid wood composite door adopts natural solid wood, and the light weight can reach 50% of the weight of the pure solid wood door of the same specification;

4, special seals for internal doors: only a few large brands in China provide special seals for internal doors;

5, hardware: locks, hinges and other small details will also directly affect the comfort of the inner door;

The second step - door type purchase

The choice of the door type of the solid wood door type can be designed and selected according to the overall design of each room feature or different room use functions. The actual use function of the door can be roughly divided into the main door, the small hall door, the bedroom door, the study door, the living room door, the kitchen door, the bathroom door, the storage room door, the balcony door, the patio door, and the second road for cold protection in the north. Insulation door and so on.

When selecting the door type for each type of apartment, you should also pay attention to the overall design and coordination of the living room. Pay attention to the size, height, width, height of the lock, and the shape of the door lock as much as possible.

The third part - color purchase

1, the wooden door should be close to the color of the furniture, should be consistent with the window cover dumb mouth (the current set of doors are more with matching window cover dumb, skirting board, corner line), the same color of the wall should have a corresponding contrast . If you use a white wood door, it is best to let the wall paint color. This will make the room layered, and not too "flat" will make the room feel particularly refreshing.

2. When the living room environment is warm, the warmer color can be selected for the wooden door, such as cherry wood, teak, and Sapele. When the living environment is cold, the wooden door should be lighter, such as mixed white, birch, etc.

3, large, or sunny room, you can choose a darker black walnut, can create a more calm atmosphere effect color itself is beautiful, no right or wrong. All in the coordination, if you really do not mind, choose white, white is the most error-prone color.

The purchase of wooden doors is also a matter of learning. There are more and more brands, and the grades and quality are also uneven. So consumers have to look at the eyes of the fire. Do a little more in advance, read this guide before buying, I believe you will be able to pick the wooden door that is most suitable for your home. [ Welcome everyone to pay attention to "Jiuzhengmen Window Network" WeChat public number: jiuzhengmenchuang Focus on courtesy, scan code to send millions of business opportunities!]

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