Wuhan Pump Tiger successfully developed HBT40C â…¢ pump

In order to meet the second-level cities and counties and towns and villages construction, filling piles, hydropower stations, electric construction, small civil construction, sludge pumping and other projects, while meeting the power supply is not normal site, Pump Tiger developed a single cylinder oblique gate valve Trailer diesel concrete pump, pump Tiger HBT40C â…¢ concrete pump. This product is the smallest (large aggregate) horizontal bar diesel concrete pump, the first exclusive, the use of Chinese famous brand diesel engine, imported electrical components LCD panel display, the working data at a glance. Configuration wireless remote control, a higher degree of intelligence, China's smallest (large aggregate) diesel concrete pump, no power, more mobility, is the scene mixing concrete ("coarse grains") of the nemesis. This product is small, light weight, easy to move, low cost (for the traditional standard diesel-powered concrete pump 50%) and many other advantages. Pump Tiger HBT40C â…¢ type, the amount of delivery per hour 5 to 40 cubic meters / hour, pumping the largest aggregate of about 5 cm.

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