Xiamen small stone processing factory has retired and completed the city of blue water and blue sky

The disorderly discharge of small stone plant wastewater will lead to serious deterioration of water quality and land consolidation, and it is listed as one of the main pollution source types of rivers in the city. After the early stage of arranging, there were 644 small stone factories that needed to be cleared in the city. At present, the city's retreat work has been completed, and the demolition rate of production facilities and facilities has reached 100%. Xiang'an District: The effect of clearing the focus of the "hunting ground" is obvious in the total amount of small stone processing plants, Xiang'an District accounted for "big head", there are 338. Therefore, Xiang'an District has become the focus of the stone processing and mosaic factory retreat. Since March this year, Xiang'an District has carried out rectification and retreat work for key targets of pollution prevention and control of large and small stone processing plants in the region. From July 1st, all 338 small stone processing plants in the district were shut down and transferred to the stage of demolition of production facilities. At the same time, all towns (streets) in Xiang'an District organized inspections on the suspension of production of all small stone processing enterprises (individuals) within the jurisdiction, conducted "carpet-style" inspections on key areas, and focused on rectifying and rectifying enterprises. Speed ​​up the retreat. After examination and approval by relevant functional departments, 13 I and II enterprises were included in the upgrading and transformation, and the number of clearing tasks completed in the district should be adjusted to 325. Up to now, the district has completed 325 contracting and production facility demolition targets in accordance with the rectification and rectification advancement node, reaching 100% of the demolition progress. It is reported that before September 10th, all towns and towns in Xiang'an District will organize the completion of the "three clears" work - that is, clear the relocation of production equipment, empty production of raw materials and inventory, clean up the production site and the yard and the surrounding environment of the plant. Xindian Town: Clearing and reviewing continued to complete the "Sanqing" work on the morning of the 8th, Zhu Ming, a staff member of the special pollution treatment office of the stone industry in Xiang'an District, came to Xinxia Town near Xiayu Community to process a small stone that had been retired. The factory conducts a review. At the factory entrance, the dismantled machine processing equipment was piled up in an orderly manner, covered with plastic cloth, and several houses were tightened with door locks, and the traces of processed stone were completely invisible. The total area of ​​the factory is about 3,000 square meters. Before the retreat, the processing equipment is concentrated in the workshop of 400 square meters, and the rest of the open space is used for stacking stocks and raw materials. "On June 30, it completed its functional retreat, and it took less than a week before and after." Zhu Ming said that at present, this small stone processing factory has completed the "Sanqing" work. According to reports, the dust and slag generated by stone processing seriously pollute the surrounding environment, and the discharged wastewater carries stone powder. If it is discharged into the river directly without treatment, it will pollute the river to form a “milk river”, which is very troublesome to control. Mr. Wu, the person in charge of the plant, said that the dismantled equipment was ready to be sold. The factory was rented last year and there is a four-year lease. As for the future use of the plant, he is still planning. “The government will provide relevant support for the retreat manufacturers to help them transform production.” Zhu Ming said. The progress of the pollution remediation work in the stone industry in Xiang'an District shows that the demolition rate of production equipment in Xindian Town is 100%, and the work of “Sanqing” is being further developed. Lianxi: The stream water has become crystal clear. Yesterday morning, the reporter went to Lianxi in the Jiuxi River Valley in the town of Xiang'an. Nowadays, the trees are shaded, the waves are clear, the canna is reflected in the fish swimming in the water, the egrets danced by the stream, and the scenery is charming. Peng Shuishan, a river maintenance worker, told reporters that in recent years, in accordance with the requirements for the full implementation of the river length system, Neiqi Town has carried out the retreat work of stone factories, livestock and poultry breeding, bullfrog breeding, etc. In the past, the muddy and stinky water bodies are now clear. bottom. At the same time, the relevant departments carried out ecological management and engineering transformation work for Lianxi. Using technical measures such as improving riverbed, repairing riverbanks, floodplain and floodplain, various aquatic plants were planted on both sides of the river to beautify the river channel environment; the original stream was like a steep slope, and it encountered heavy rain, which could not retain water. The five dams not only control the water level, but also play a significant role in irrigation of farmland along the banks of the river, and also become a landscape of the stream.

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